The Evensen Family | Boston Family Photographer

They just make you smile!!!  Whether it is Hannah’s imitation of an old man walking ( I think she is headed for Broadway) or the entire family making the same cross-eyed, blowfish-cheeked silly face.  You are bound to be filled with happiness if you have the pleasure of knowing the Evensen’s.  See for yourself…

It was 70 degrees and sunny, but the water had already begun to chill as the fall days had already come.  Alexa stepped into the water with not even a whince. I on the other hand tried to act like it was painless as my feet quickly began to turn numb. Stumbling with two numb feet I am surprised I didn’t end up sitting in the water camera in hand.Love love this one!!Sandi brought some homemade caramel apples.  Her house if full of yummy sweets as she is the head decorator for Wicked Good Cupcakes (which I think is one of the coolest jobs ever).  You have to go try some next time you are in Hingham….they sound delicious!!  On this day she was telling me all about the new flavors…. one being chocolate gingerbread!  I think both Ellie and were drooling over the caramel apples and cupcake talk.

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