The Maus Family | Boston Family Photographer

I loved how Tobin curled his bottom lip in when he laughed and how he was so intent on finding the perfect stick. And I loved watching his younger brother follow him, occasionally stopping and tucking in behind mom’s leg with only his chocolate-brown eyes poking out from her side. Their baby sister was simply content with an occasional grin that raised her baby cheeks squeezing her blue eyes. It was a beautiful fall day to play at Elm Bank.

This little guy asks his mom for a mohawk each day.  On this day he had it blown dry and combed into the perfect spike.  Love it!!

Doesn’t she just make you smile?

And how could I forget Moose…their first “fur baby.”  

Christine, you look beautiful.

I have to give a special thanks to Grandma, also known as Deb.  She juggled quite a few bags and blankets while walking Moose as we moved throughout the park. She was always a special hand for the boys to hold and she had the ability to make Moose smile, along with the rest of us, as she dangled a slobbery ball behind the camera. It was quite a miracle as Moose preferred to give me his backside. Thank you Deb.

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