The Evensen Family | Boston Family Photographer

Ready…set….go  & they were off running down the beach searching for treasure.Finding horseshoe crabs, shells, smooth rocks and things that didn’t belong.

Ellie just watched ears flapping in the breeze.. Alexa…BEAutiful!Cam received one of the best piggy back rides I have ever seen.  Or was it a camel, bug, or Ellie ride?
We climbed from the beach to the highest hill at World’s End with a kite in hand.  Hannah raced the kite down the hill and into the wind as Cam let out the line. The kite took flight into the afternoon breeze. Cam held the string as the kite climbed  higher and higher above the trees.  Doesn’t this just make you smile?!Cam had an idea for the next picture…
As the sun set over Hingham bay, three handmade boats sailed out into the small inlet bearing greetings of Merry Christmas.


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