Lovin’ it

1. Almost every day I add a few more…like the puppy that I want, this soup I just ate (which was delicious)…the smoothie I want to try, and the lamp I am admiring.  Christmas gifts, decorating ideas, recipes, wardrobe inspiration…it’s all there.  Instead of writing a Christmas list this year, I may just send my family to my pinterest boards. New to pinterest?  It basically tags everything that you love (in pictures) from your favorite stores and blogs.  It’s like a scrapbook without the scissors, glue, and paper clippings all over the floor. I almost added that it saves time, but it is so not true…because it is addicting!

2. I want to go see this…Being Elmo…because what child and adult didn’t at one point love elmo?  Plus, I am reading about how Sesame Street became such a “sticky” idea; an educational virus that continues to spread via our t.v. screens. There was and is a lot of genius work behind Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Elmo.

3. I just returned my library copy of the Flour Bakery cookbook :( but the good news is I am back on the waiting list and excited to try more recipes before I add it to my wish list! My recommendation…make the oatmeal raisin cookies.  They are sooo good! The best I have ever tasted….and my family knows how to make a mean oatmeal raisin cookie. Not interested in baking…I will happily make an excuse to meet you for a cookie at the actual Bakery:)

4. How it works?  Did you see this new section on the site?!!! Check it out by clicking here  for a sneak peak into how sessions work here at Cassandra Plummer Photography.

 Have a great weekend!!


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