Strangers & Sticky Buns| Boston Family Photographer

I use to be the little girl that hid behind her mommy’s long skirt when asked her name.  At times, I think I actually tried to hide underneath.

That shy little girl reappeared when Matt, my husband, asked me to walk up to random moms on the street, introduce myself, hand their child a juice box, and give them a business card (if you are new to the blog…we just relocated to Boston).  Are you Kidding me?!?! No…definitely no.

So there I stood after two weeks of resistance with juice boxes in one hand and business cards in another in front of a park filled with families.  It was then that I panicked…hid behind a stone wall… and began to have what I would consider to be a minor melt down.  Like my mom had years ago, Matt made me come out from behind my hiding place and face my fear.

It was a palm-sweating dreadful few hours as we made our way around the parks in Boston.  The only thing getting me through, well beside my persistent husband, was the thought of a sticky bun.  Yup, a sticky bun.  I made Matt promise to get me a sticky bun from the famous Flour Bakery if I handed out over half of my cards and juice boxes. And I am proud to announce…I did it!!

So off we went to the bakery… only to discover they were SOLD OUT! I looked through the counter glass at the other options, but on that day I wanted a sticky bun.  Matt caught a glimpse of me pouting as he ate his cookie and promised that we would come back when the next batch came out of the oven. We went off on our way and returned in the pouring rain hours later only to find no sticky buns.  The story continued to repeat itself over the next two weeks.  Apparently everyone in Boston loves sticky buns!

It had been almost a month and still no sticky bun…until yesterday.  I was in the kitchen when I heard the doorbell ring.  Opening the door I found a small box on the stairs with our name scribbled on the top.  I picked up the box and found a sticky bun inside!  That is when Matt came around the corner with a big grin on his face!

Let me just say…it was delicious!

Note: Order in advance…hours in advance.


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