Mrs. Buttersworth| Boston Children’s Photographer

I don’t even like Aunt Jemima’s or Mrs. Butters-worth’s Syrup.  It has a way of ruining breakfast, but when you may have to feed 100 people at a pancake breakfast…you don’t exactly buy Vermont’s pure maple syrup. I didn’t want to buy the Sam’s Club monster pack… but  it’s hard to know if the people coming to your breakfast are pancake-lovers that like only a drop or two of syrup or are syrup-lovers that like to float their pancakes. We bought the monster pack over 2 years ago!  We recently moved the monster pack to Boston. We should have just tossed them.

The two jugs made it 700 miles before the one jug’s cap popped open and syrup flooded the front seat of our jeep with  64 fl oz of stickiness.  We found the pool of syrup the following morning seeping deep into the cracks.  I grabbed a roll of paper towels and plunged into the syrup…  I was soon up to my elbows in Mrs. Butters-worth’s finest. The mess never seemed to end as I scooped handful after handful off the saturated seat.  It took an hour, a roll of paper towels, and Matt running the hotel ice maker dry to clean up the syrup-coated jeep.

I now have one more reason to dislike Mrs Butters-worth’s syrup, but at least, our jeep will not need an air freshener for a long time.

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