A Summer of Carnivals| Boston Children’s Photographer

He is the clown that made me laugh as we walked down the street of performers.  I giggled like a little child and even laughed hard out loud as he whacked himself in the head with his dustpan.  The grown up in me said that it was so not funny, but I couldn’t help myself as I joined in laughter with the roaring crowd of children.I love the smell of carnivals: Kettle Corn, Pizza, and my Dad’s favorite… sausage and peppers.

These guys were so much fun to watch as they zipped by creating figure eight patterns along the way.  I was shocked they didn’t crash! If only cars were this small…we would actually have room to park in Boston.  But then again, my purse can’t even fit in this car.

These parrots were quite the show stoppers as they talked to the crowd and scratched their noses. The little girls were loving them till out of nowhere the one said, ” Can you please get this thing off of me?”

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