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1. When it comes to decorating, I get sick of things quickly. My solution…to recover the pillows.  I have been searching for weeks for the perfect pattern combination only to find that Jo-Ann’s fabrics only carries teddy bears and tonka trunk patterns. Since I fell in love with designer pillows, I decided to make the fabric.  A little paint, fabric, thread and viola…3 one of a kind pillows.  They really are one of a kind as I attempted to also sew them by hand…eek!  Matt said I gave each an artistic touch…I would call that a really crooked sewn line.

Here is there good side…
2.The pillows were made to match these…and these I truly am lovin.  Plywerk turned our favorite pictures from Nepal into artwork for our walls.  They took our pictures and adhered them to custom designed maple or bamboo blocks already to hang and display.  The style perfectly matched the raw natural beauty of Nepal.

3. These galoshes would have been perfect in Nepal, as we visited during monsoon season.  Although, they are getting there fair share of use here during our rainy season and would really appreciate a break…just for a day or two?

4. While I am sure we would all appreciate some sunshine, I am very thankful for all of the veggies and fruit that are popping up at our local farmer’s market. I was hoping to find some zucchini to give you a sneak peak of tomorrow nights dinner, but I had no luck.  I did however find some rhubarb. Let’s see what I can bake up.

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