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A few things I am lovin’ right now…

1. The stack is building, but I just can’t seem to get rid of even one.  My mother in law sent me a subscription to Food Network Magazine last year and I am absolutely lovin’ it.  Whenever I am stumped by dinner, I just grab the stack and start flipping through the pages.  Other food magazines have left me disappointed as I have flipped through ad after ad. This magazine is jam packed with recipes.

2. Pininterest.  What an amazing idea!!!  Basically, as I surf the web I can “pin” products, pictures, outfits and create my very own storyboards.  Here are some pins for future kitchen decor!

3. It’s smooth, not sticky, and the smell is heavenly.  I picked this up at a lodge while skiing this winter and now carry it in my pocket everywhere, hoping never to lose it.

4. Anthropologie ooo you are tempting me like crazy with your new spring line.

5. I use these Crate and Barrel Bowls almost everyday.  They rank number three on my list of favorite kitchen items ( right under my mixer and garlic press).  I love the colors, plus they stack inside one another!

6. Her voice, her words, the piano in the background…this is what I am listening to today. Audrey Assad.

7. This one is coming…and I am trying to be patient, but I am craving the fruit and flavors of Summer.

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