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I use to love reading…so I don’t know what happened.   Somewhere, I lost my love for reading and now my husband is wondering when I last finished a book. And, it’s true.  I have no committment to finishing books.  It could be a great book, but as soon as a boring chapter comes along I stop! Three cups of tea..stopped, A long way gone by Ismael Bea ( a beautiful book, that I highly reccomend)…and I stopped!
So here I go.  I am climbing back on the bike and hoping that my love for reading will just simply arrive once again out of practice.  I am committed to finishing these three books by April and you can hold me to it.

Here is a quote from the book which has become one of my prayers- ” I want the passion that God puts inside of me to be so full that compassion flows out.”

Oh…and I am reading the…

I kind of skipped trainging wheels on the wall street journal, but it is time that I am up to date!

I am off to a good start 1/2 way through one 1/4 way through another and a few days into a paper that I understand hardly anything about. My goal is to tackle the first three by April and the paper well hopefully by then I will understand more than the gyst.
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