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It was a really good excuse to go for a run.  Matt had been asking for lasagna and not just any lasagna- an authentic, involved, homemade sauce,  mama mia lasagna.  So I put on my running shoes and headed down the road. My destination… the west side market.  If you saw me it really was just a coincidence that I was dressed in red running gear on Valentine’s day.

At the market I purchased ingredients to flavor the homemade sauce along with a gigantic loaf of Italian bread. Mmmm bread!

I left the market with a backpack full of food and headed one more block to the food store for a few more items.  Rolling my cart through the store I suddenly had a horrible realization.   I checked my pockets, my back pack…and I was right.  I had forgotten my wallet!  All that I had were four single dollar bills crumpled up in my pocket leftover from the market. I couldn’t believe it! How can you make lasagna without lasagna noodles or cheese!  Pushing my cart to the side, I exited the food store.

Legs exhausted I arrived back home. I sat down for a moment and contemplated how to spend my next hour over peanut butter on rye.  Taking my last bite, I slowly lifted myself out of the chair. My decision was made as I tied on my wet running shoes.

Let’s skip to the next part.

I pulled the lasagna out of the oven just as Matt pulled down the driveway.  It smelled amazing and let me tell you I made one rockin’ lasagna.

And just minutes after I took my last bite of lasagna I fell asleep.

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