The Falls| Boston Family Photographer

We were supposed to be exiting when Matt swung the car around to re-enter the park.

“The sun is setting and I think we will be able to see the falls better now without the glare.”  He pulled back into the parking lot, jumped, out of the car and ran through the snow to the edge.  He was right…beautiful absolutley beautiful.  The sky was painted with pinks and the falls shone a bright green.  We hopped back in the car now ready to leave when Matt pulled around again.  “We need to go take our picture!” We had taken at least 100 photos that day, but the midday sun shone too brightly to capture both us and the falls.  He parked again and I chased him through the snow back towards the falls.   We snapped a few just as the sun slipped away for the night.  Walking back to the car hand in hand I leaned in close as the wind blew.

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