Savor Your Chocolate| Boston Newborn Photographer

“Along with working out, I think we should put ourselves on a sugar diet,” he said.

That is when I cringed. Whhhaatt would that look like???

“I dunno, maybe a sweet every few weeks.”

Every few weeks!

Now, I by no means have a sweet tooth.  I can go with out dessert for a long time.  Love good desserts, but a piece of fruit would suffice (Mom you would still be proud). Cookies, we don’t have them.  Ice cream, hasn’t been seen in our house for months.  But chocolate…..oh no! That is a completely different story.

I think Matt read my mind. The other night he so sweetly brought me home some Dove Dark Chocolate.

Wait.  I thought we were on a sugar diet?

Yup, enjoy …. they are your last pieces for a while.

Gulp. Somebody say a prayer for me.  I ate two pieces just today! I am going to have to come up with a really good health case for chocolate to stay in our diet.

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