Sprinkles, Icing, & Komodo dragons | Boston Family Photographer

Chloe came down the stairs in the cutest pj’s, curls, and bow.  Collin poked his head around the corner and giggled.  He was a bowl full of jelly for the rest of the afternoon.

Chloe is such a little artist.  She smeared the icing just so with her finger and wiped her hands clean between colors.  Her hands were steady as she placed a smile on her gingerbread girl.  The final touch was a red bow just like hers.

Collin was so excited about the SPRINKLES!!! He doused his cookie in seconds, took a bite and then asked how to spell… K O M O D O    D R A G O N!   He loves his Komodo’s…so much that they will most likely be making a debut in their Christmas Card.

Such a cutie!!

Erin, your  family is simply full of joy and laughter.   All I think I added was a little icing to each belly…or maybe a lot.

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