No more Popcorn| Boston Newborn Photgrapher

It smells like popcorn…I keep stepping on popcorn…and I don’t want to eat another piece.

It all started when we brought home our Christmas tree and realized that it not only was way too short and looked more like a bush, but it was also lopsided.  Every time I walk in the room and see the tree it screams “TIMBER.”  It is rather depressing especially since I come from a family that are the Michael Jordan of  tree pickers.

We tried adding lights and ornaments, but ladies and gentlemen the tree is just sad.  I had thoughts of bow, beaded garland…and finally came up with popcorn.  I must have been really desperate as I looked at our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

It is now three days later, I have  swollen fingers, popcorn is all over the floor, the smell is lingering like a skunk…but our tree, well I think it is going to make it.

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