Koch| Boston Family Photographer

The same word kept popping into my head…  blessing.  It is the word that describes this family; a wonderful blessing. They are a family that dedicates every single day to love.  You can see it in their smiles.

Jasmine is learning to count… 1,2,3,4,7,12.  Mi Mi added in 5, 8 and so on.

This session was a surprise gift given to their mom and dad, also known as Mi mi and Grandpa.

They thought they were awkward in front of the camera…as you can see, not at all.  My tongue however was having quite a twister as I attempted to sit and say Joannie and Joe side by side.  Try it.

Part way into taking Joannie and Joe’s pictures, the rest of the gang called me over to try to find Jasmine.  Where had she gone?
All of the lovely ladies.  Beautiful.

Jeff and Rhonda…I love this one of you two!

The blur makes me love this moment of Jasmine kissing her newborn sister even more.

The girl that planned it all.  Awesome idea Lauren. 

A prayer for you-     Phillipians 1:9-11

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