Bella & Lyla| Boston Children’s Photographer

I was so sooo excited!  These, for one, are my favorite types of sessions, when you plan an activity. It comes with two huge bonuses:

1. The camera disappears because your little ones are having fun.

2. That means natural smiles, laughs… pictures for you that genuinely capture your child’s personality!

I was also excited because… did I mention  we were baking cookies in pajamas!

Bella concentrated so hard as she rolled the dough, cut, and decorated her cookies.  I must add, with hardly any help from mom.

Lyla was ready to help.  Love those lashes!

The sprinkle bowl..hehe.“One for Santa, one for the snowman, one for a reindeer, reindeer, & reindeer.”  We gave out our best reindeer call to get them off the roof, ” arrroOoOo, cookies are ready.”

It’s snowing!!!

I know….such CUTIES!

Bella had been waiting so patiently for her lollipop.  It was finally in her hands…she just stared.   “What does it taste like?”  She replied, ” Red, white, and green.”  

Lyla liked hers too!

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