Down to the Villages| Boston Newborn Photographer

The fog was thick at the top of the mountain.  Our 15 hour journey by Gypsy (car) ended and now we would finish our journey on foot.  We hiked along the face of the “hill,” the Himalayas are mountains the Nepali say.

Along the path we met with a herd of goats and cows.  Matt and I were use to seeing them in our path by now.  They seem to have even more right of way than cars on the roads of Nepal.  This cow looks like he is second guessing his owner, as he looks over the edge of the cliff.  
Last cow over the edge and the path is clear again.  I could not get enough of the beauty that surrounded me as we walked through the fog.
In an hour and a halves time we were walking down the paths of the village.  The chickens scattered and the people of the village poked their heads out of their homes.  
We were warmly greeted with cups of tea.  In Nepal, it is custom to serve your guests first with tea in greeting them.  The tea is better than any chai latte you can find in the United States.  Freshly brewed, creamy, and sweet.  We would be having at least 4 more cups that day as we traveled to the village homes.  The Nepali tea is a recipe I am determined to master.  I will need a garden of tea leaves and sugar cane…oh and a goat or cow for fresh whole milk.
We were greet by some of the elders in the village.  In greeting an elder, one should say, “Namaskar” instead of  “Namaste,” in order to show respect.  This is one of my favorite images.

This is my second favorite.  The children crowded in the door way to see the foreigners, us.  They completely distracted me from all conversation with the elders and adults of the village.

That situation once again showed me the heart that God continually gives me for children.

Shortly after tea and biscuits we left the village to continue on our journey down the “hill.” That small dirt path in the bottom left image is the path we traveled.

This was the view!

The organization we traveled with, Servlife, provides loans to villagers in means of supporting their families.  This family received goats, 9 of which would soon be having babies!  The family was so grateful and excited.

This family offered to us a type of juice instead of tea.  I tried to act grateful for it was most likely all they had, but the taste was unlike anything I have ever tasted.  I had to turn my head away as I uncontrollably gagged over my first sips.  Matt paced himself…I decided to just get it over with and so I chugged it all down in 2 enormous gulps.  It was truly horrible.
These are dangerously hot!
We also visited a family with pigs and another with a loan to start a pharmacy for the village before we headed back up the mountain again.

The sun went down as we hiked up the path.  The fog rolled in and we were without flash light.  I followed the shoes of the person in front of me.  I could hardly see the path.  It was terrifying and beautiful all at the same time as we climbed above the clouds.  One moment I was in awe by the stars and praising God… the next I was saying a prayer that I wouldn’t walk of the edge of the cliff, I mean hill.

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